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Event Spaces

We can organize our 80 m² and 150 m² areas for different events. If you want, organize a concert or plan a training. If you wish, hold your dealer meetings in the foyer area with the privilege of cafelocal catering. Organize your photo, video and podcast shoots and conduct your workshops.

Training Hall

Prices starting from 1200TL

You can organize your training or take your exams in a seating arrangement with a table for up to 24 people.


Prices starting from 1200TL

You can organize your training or take your exams in a free seating arrangement for up to 50 people.


Prices starting from 300 TL

We organize our workshop areas according to your needs. If you want, you can hold your workshops at the tables we organize together or separately.


Prices starting from 600TL

You can organize your dance lessons in the 80 m² multi-purpose hall with natural ventilation and high-capacity air conditioning. In addition, you can rent the mat regularly or one-time for your pilates and yoga classes.

Photo studio

Prices starting from 400TL

If you want, you can take product shots or shoot and record videos for your own digital channel.


Prices starting from 1200 TL

We host many socio-cultural events such as chamber concerts, theatrical dance performances and children's theaters.

Movie Days

Prices starting from 1200TL

You can watch and watch any movie you want with Wi-Fi connected Full HD projection, home theater sound system, natural ventilation and controlled acoustic curtains.

Product stand


You can take part in our section where we exhibit the products of local manufacturers and designers and introduce their products to local users.

Contact us now for conditions.



Do you need space to exhibit your own work/artworks? You can organize public exhibitions in Lokal's modern and innovative areas.

Special days


We can make arrangements for your special occasions. Whether it's a birthday or special meetings and tastings.

Launching Day


You can plan days that will add vision to your brand, such as brand and product promotions and dealer meetings in a prestigious and innovative area. With our special catering service, you can present your brand in a more quality and modern way and gain new customers.


We can host many events.

Fast Internet

Tea, coffee

Writing board

smart TV

Full HD Projection


Schedule a meeting with us.

Request a 15-minute meeting with our founder and co-director Elif. In this 15-minute meeting, you can ask him anything you want to know about our solutions, events, areas, services.

Kiralık Atölye
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