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Founding Partners

The founding partners of Lokal, which is run by an architecture and design studio, have created a creative workspace by combining their own experience and knowledge.

Mutlu, who provided design, business development and management support in the formation of Lokal, is also the founder of the architecture and design studio.

Mutlu Güngör

Founding Partner

Integrating her corporate event organization experience with Lokal, Elif carries out the management and workflow performances.

Elif Güngör

Founding Partner

Fethiye hızlı internet, uygun fiyata sanal ofis

We want to support remote workers on their success journey and help them make business connections.

We are a community driven flexible co-working space for remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and companies serving a place to work as well a mediator between members and business owners to collaborate. We want to impact the local business&design&tech scene with innovative supportive culture with growing number of members.

Our values are reflected in everything we create.

We are a empowered by creative, adventurer, independent and forward-thinking individuals. We offer a social, fun and comfortable place to work and make business. Our vision and energy is transforming the small Aegean/ Mediterranean riviera town we live in.

Fethiye hızlı internet, uygun fiyata sanal ofis


We have an empathetic approach, we value people's needs and feelings. We offer an experience that leaves our customers happy, motivated and comfortable.

Design value

We imagined and designed a working and living space tailored to the needs of our members and visitors. It was important to design a simple and modern environment where they could feel stress-free, creative and modern.

Local and global

We add value locally and support individuals with the work environment and connections they need. At the same time, we want to act globally, follow the latest trends, deal with the world's problems.

Social Area

We bring people together by creating communities. By supporting each other, we inspire local business and culture.


We support innovation and creativity. We believe in providing a co-working space that fosters collaboration and innovation for our members.

Creative Space

We pride ourselves on being a creative hub for like-minded individuals. We offer a collaboration space that fosters creativity, productivity and innovation. Join our community of creators, entrepreneurs and innovators and make Lokal your preferred workspace.

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